Morena, Talor Square

Just prior to Xmas, we caught up with some friends at Morena, a Sth American restaurant near Taylor Square in a relatively new apartment complex with fancy restaurants downstairs.
The menu included alpaca. Yes they are cute and docile but we couldn’t resist, maybe for once. We picked the degustation menu along with the matching wine for an extra $30. The wines turned out to be tasty and great value and we wondered if we could just have the matching wine on its own the next time.

This was a quick appetizer and it was good to start off.

Scallops were next and they were cooked just right.

This was a plate of differnt corns.  Some were the size of my thumb.  They are pretty bland on their own but kinda worked well with the cheese and tomato.  Interesting experience.




KingFish Carpaccio.







Barramnudi lightly fried.  The skin was crispy.  The flesh was great.

Vegtarian forest with cous couse, potato chip and all sorts of beans, of course.  This was once again a good dish.
Finally, the alpaca.  Backstrap and shoulder.  It tasted a lot like venision.
We finished off with a pudding dessert and it was a good finish.

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