We took the Sex And The City bus tour. I was one of 6 guys, 2 of whom were a gay couple. Nonetheless, it was very much enjoyable and informative. It gives you a good sense of the major landmarks in New York and the tour guide was funny as well. All the female fans had a great time checking out the locations and enjoying the in jokes. I have seen only some episodes but found the tour just as entertaining and laughed just as hard. There were 4 stops. One of them was West Village and every one had a complimentary cup cake from Magnolia Bakery. The cake was moist, delicious and bordering on decadent.

As a result of the publicity from the show, the 3 owners of the bakery separated (after some intensive court battles) due to diferrent business visions.

Another stop was O’Neils’ Bar (aka Scout’s Bar in SNTC and is named after Aidan’s dog). No complimentary drinks there but $10 Cosmos instead of $15.

Another stop was Buddakan. This is where Carrie and Mr Big had a group dinner before the wedding day. Off on a tangent, we also took the movie/tv bus tour later in the trip (for some reason not quite as fun). We were inspecting the Friends building. As the guide was commentating, a beat up Camry drove past and the driver shouted loudly “It’s all bullshit.” at the guide and quickly drove off. A few moments later, the same car came by again and the driver yelled again “It’s ALL BULLSHIT.”. This time, the guide turned around and gave him the death stare. The driver then said “Don’t you know who I am?”. As it turned out it was Chris Noth. The guide was awestruck and smitten as they don’t bump into celebrities that often either.

Anyway, back to Buddakkan. This is a fancy pancy trend endy building. You walk in to the ground floor and it is moody dark.

You go downstairs and there is a huge room with an impressive long table and more moody lights.

Some fans went straight to the reception desk and booked dinner right away. We decided to come back another night at about 12am. It still had patrons and other business people were still dropping by.

These were the edamame dumplings. Everyone raves about them and Japanese fusion is a big thing in America now (recently I read a recipe in NYT on how to involve kids with making sushi). We didn’t find them that fantastic.

Crab meat spring rolls. When they came out, I thought they were chiko rolls but they tasted much better – sweetness of real crab meat with lots of fillings.

This was a chow mein in the menu but came out as a chow fun.

By the time we left, it was about 1.30am.


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