Le Bernadin

Le Bernadin is in the posh area, around Times Square, Rockefeller building, the 5th Ave pricey shops and investment bank area.  It is also 3 star Michelin rated.  They certainly take themselves seriously.  Many of the senior wait staff have a big medallion hanging on their chest.  The place is very roomy.  The tables are spacious and placed comfortably apart from one another.  You can see a number of staff tending impeccably to each patron.  This is most definitely fine dining place and they certainly live up to expectation.  Or perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.

The ladies will certainly appreciate the little touches, like a small stand for their bags.

You would expect a place like this to be expensive, but we thought the 4 course meal was reasonably priced at $125. The menu is pretty big. It has 4 columns, raw, barely touched, lightly cooked and dessert for you to pick from. Each column has about 10 choices.

We had cocktails to start. They were potent and delicious to start a conversation going.

All sorts of different breads you could choose from came along.

A 3 type amouse bouche comes along. The soup was warm and appetising. The little piece of lobster was gorgeously smooth and sweet. The scallop was just right. This was a prelude of things to come.

First course was oysters from various places, including France. The other plate was a fluke sashimi. Both of them just made you want to eat more.

Second course. Sea Medley in a bonito broth. This was definitely the highlight. The sea food just blended in so well with the miso broth. There certainly was enough flesh and you would still not be satiated. The other plate was poached escolar from Hawaii. It was like a yabby and pretty chunk flesh too.

By this time, we were pretty full but not complaining. Then came along the duck and lobster. Both dishes were pretty big and filling from what we were expecting. Dinner (and perhaps lunch as well) here certainly are made for long meandering and great conversations. And how did they taste? Just fantastic. Couldn’t be faulted.

We had to find room for desserts after the mains. They looked spectacular and tasted so as well.

And we were still not done. There were the petite fours and complimentary tea/coffee to finish off. What a dinner that was and certainly well deserving of the accolades.


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