Tao, New York

You think the buddha an Chinta Ria at King St Wharf is big?  Check out Tao in New York, near the 5th Ave posh shopping area.  We got there at 10pm for a supper. This Buddha is definitely bigger, maybe twice the size. It is a younger, more lean and perhaps contemplative one.

Tao fancies itself a pan-asian upmarket place. They serve Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes.

It is also one of those places where it is so dark, you can barely read the menu, not quite our favourite place of moodiness. Bar, yes, restaurant, not so much. Especially with Japanese when the visual is just as important as the taste. The place is big. Upstairs is more secluded and I am guessing for the celebrities.

The menu has lots of varieties.

This is the roof:

Sake. We are still beginners with sake. So many choices, different regions and small boutique breweries. But we have narrowed it down to the more fragrant style for our taste – not so the mature ones. The more mature sake tends to be more alcoholic, stronger and not quite as tasty. Or perhaps we have not tried many. I was interested with making sake. Afterall, it is similar to beer making. After doing some research, I decided it is not so easy. The processes are actually quite simple broken down but tedious. There is the rice cooking, rice polishing and diluting…. It is amazing that after you polish a bit of rice, add some water and yeast and you get so much different flavours from this little grain.

Sweet and sour soup. Our favourite is still the seafood sweet and sour from Palace at Piccadilly, Pitt St Sydney.

Pork belly. This was good to taste. Succulent and delicious.

Dumplings. These were good too.


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