Fireworks, Darling Harbour

We are lucky to have fireworks at Darling Harbour every Saturday throughout May and June and irregularly up till Xmas.  When I get the chance I pop over to take photos.  Technically it is not “too hard”.  Just mode to Bulb, f8-f11, manually focus before hand and off you go.  There’s been a lot of trial and error and just as well they are happening every so often.  At the moment there’s more errors than not.  Major error being overblown from some of the lower fireworks and the smoke.  Perhaps I am too close to the action  (this one is hard to fix as I enjoy being close to the action – you hear the explosions, you feel the reverb and you smell the cordite), perhaps I need to use a black card, perhaps I need to use a ND filter.  This is where the trials come in.  Occassionaly I do get a good one.

This time around, the major mistake was not taking the test shots long enough to realise the flagpole was in the frame. Doh!!  This error better stay in the memory bank.



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