Lovers’ Sunset, Observatory Hill, Sydney

Observatory Hill is on the other side of the Harbour Bridge. It is not on the must see tourist list and this is a good thing. It is almost like a secret local spot and even then not many locals go there. At any time of the day you will find boot camp fitness classes, wedding photographers, friends having a picnic lunch. joggers, walkers and other people just enjoying the spot. The other beauty of the spot is that each group does not crowd out the other and there is a lack of traffic sound. So it is a calm spot with little wind as a bonus.

Click on more to see the full picture.

It is also a fantastic spot for taking sunsets. The sun has been setting at about 5 pm so it’s been hard getting there after work. Lucily, I had a workday off this day and this is the result.

Stiched 35mm f11. I did 2 rows of about 7 pictures and cropped alot out. Best to click onto the picture for the details.


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