Park Hyatt, Tokyo

This was taken some years ago now in Tokyo. At the time, we had a Canon 400D. We had done a quick camera course at the community college some months before and barely knew what we were doing withe camera. I was playing with the 50mm 1.8 and probably maxed out the ISO. The camera was rested a some upside down saucer as tripod.

Park Hyatt is the hotel where Lost In Translation was filmed. I wasn’t exactly a great fan of the movie. I couldn’t exactly connect with the characters. And perhaps that is the point, because it is a story about 2 disconnected people. I was a little hesitant visiting posh hotel just because a movie was filmed there. So we checked the map, it wasn’t close to a metro but appeared easy enough from the map to go on foot. For some reason, we got lost. We went up to a street police booth on a corner. It was an older policeman and we asked for directions for “Parka Hyatta”. He wasn’t sure either and looked up his own map and pointed us in a direction. 5 minutes later, I was sensing we were actually walking away from the hotel. We checked directions again and then found the policeman gave us the directions for Grand Hyatt, the other Hyatt, also close by in this part of Shinjuku. We finally found the building. It took us another 15 minutes find the entrance to the actual hotel, because the building is a large office building. And what a hotel. The views are just spectacular from the New York Bar.

As we were drinking and I was playing around with the camera, I saw a couple of Japanese nearby and snapped away quickly.  The 2 of them reminded me of some moments from the movie.

The hotel bar ended up being one of our favourite locations in Tokyo. We were back in Tokyo another time, and went straight back to hotel. And we will visit the bar every chance we get to go to Tokyo.


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