Tau Bay, Cabramatta

This is small and simple pho place.  It simply is fantastic pho.  Been there for a long time.  We were recommended it by some Vietnamese friends.  They are not as big as some of the other more established pho places.  The room barely fits about 10 tables and it was packed.  Perhaps because of the scale of the operation, they spend more quality time with their stock because it is so much full of deep flavour.


3 thoughts on “Tau Bay, Cabramatta

    • Cabramatta is a well known suburb in the western Sydney. That area of Sydney has had an influx of various immigrants. In the 70s and 80s it was settled by a lot of Vietnamnese. During the late 80s, it received a bad reputation for drug and gang problems, resulting in the murder of a local politician. Since then it has cleaned itself up and become a very famous area for Vietnamese cuisine. Check out Luke Nguyen for a great ambassador of Vietnamese cuisine.

      • I see. Thank you for telling me. I learned a lot. I have never imagined the relationship between Vietnam and Australia.

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