Voyager, Margaret River

Margaret River is a premier wine region in Western Australia.  It is a short 2 hour drive or so from Perth.  We visited the area some years ago now.  One of the biggest vineyards is Voyager Estate.  Voyager was set up by Michael Wright.  His father made a lot of money from the mining boom in the 60’s and Michael bought this vineyard in the 90’s and transformed it into an excellent producer.  We particularly enjoy their SSB and Chardonnay.  After he bought the place he decided to plant one of the biggest flags on his property.  The vineyard also runs a safari tour of sorts around his vineyard on a specially built 4WD.  Included  in the tour was the obligatory wine tasting at the end.  We tasted and enjoyed pretty much all their varieties.

On this particular day, Michael had overseas visitors and decided to drive the 4WD himself and also acted as a guide to his property.  Weren’t we lucky that day.  He was in his usual utility clothes and gave great commentaries that day.  The crazy thing about him was that he was a teetotaler!..  Never got to find out the reason for this.  So the only drinks he could enjoy from his vineyard were the non alcoholic apple cider.

Since that trip we would always try to attend Voyager tastings.

I was sad to read in the newsletter that he passed away recently.  Vale Michael Wright.


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