F1, Melbourne 2012

Formula 1 Racing.

Watching a F1 race up close at the grandstand. This is on my bucket list. The only time I got close to one was when I was backpacking around Europe and walked around the Monaco circuit 2 weeks before the race.  Australia has played a part in the F1 history going back to 60’s. This included Jack Brabham, who ran out of fuel, had to push his car across the finishing line and ended up finishing 4th but ended up winning the World Champ in 1959. So although F1 has been dominiated by Europeans and the occasional Brazilans, there is a fair bit of sentimental history with Australia – after all the McClaren team was started originally by Bruce McLaren (who was a protoge of Brabham’s and albeit he was Kiwi). Bruce was a young dashing driver but died young tragically in a test run.

It is unfortunate that Australia has a time zone issue and all the money is chasing towards Asia and other wealthy countries. So there is a small chance Australia will lose its F1 race in a few years, especially when F1 is about to list. So, I finally decided to attend the Melbourne F1 race.


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