Moss Wood, Margaret River, WA

When we were at the wine region in WA, we visited a winery called Moss Wood. We found out it was appointment only when we drove up. We didn’t have one and tried our luck anyway. Moss Wood is quite a famous brand. But unlike other wineries, they decided to just concentrate on making good wines. So no cafe, no shop, no tasting house. We were greeted by a young mid 20’s winemaker in his work boots and all. His main job was to make wines. His second job was to look after visitors. We were invited into a shed. In the corner was barrel with some tasting glasses and we were treated to an informal tasting. The guy was young, rugged and good-looking. So much so, I ended up being the photographer taking snaps of the girls with him in the cellar. I think I was featured only in 1 photo.

We had a wonderful experience at Moss Wood. Their wines are great but a little on the pricey side. Since then we would try to check out their wines at tasting. It was out luck that they decided to have a conjunction with Ortolans at Kings Cross – Bayswater Rd – for a food and pairing night. What’s great about these dinners is that we get to drink more than our share because you can ask for refills and they don’t refuse. We called and made our booking right away.

The dinner was a 4 course with pairing wines to go with each course.

The first course was duck all over with a Semillon. The wine was sweet and refreshing. We almost drank the whole glass before the plate came along. The consomme was heavily flavoured with a duck moose down the bottom. The yummy pate was on a brioche. This was a wonderful start to the evening.

The second course was a quail with fois gras. The wine was a chardonnay and it was delicious. It was flavoursome of different fruits. We then found that it was the hint of marmalade that give it the deliciousness. The quail was done quite well but felt a little smallish.

Venison was next. Cooked perfectly. The baby radish was cute. This definitely fed us if we felt the last dish was a little peckish.

The last dish was cheeses from Australia and overseas. This was a great dish to finish off the evening. The wine was a pinot and it matched perfectly. If it wasn’t a weeknight, we would have asked for refills and just slowly finished off the platter. There was sure more than enough cheese for 2 as the last plate.


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