Shiki, The Rocks

Lots of friends have been raving about this for a number of years.  One of them travels regularly to Tokyo for work.  So it must be good.  For all sorts of reasons, it took us this long to check it out.  Maybe because it is in the touristy The Rocks area.  Or maybe we normally duck around the corner for a cheaper and more casual Japanese place (Nakishima – we are suckers for the before 7pm arrival because you get a complimentary sake).

We finally decided to check it out.  If you check out the website, you get one of 3 free offerings.  We took the one for a private room. We picked the $70 set menu.  It seemed expensive, but by the end of the evening we were so full and enjoyed it so much we realised it was worth it.

The first course was a king fish caparcio with a edamame dashi broth. The edamame was pureed and dashi broth, when it is done well, is subtle and flavoursome. This was a good start to the evening.

We spied outside. It was the first night of Vivid, and it was choc a bloc. We were glad to be inside away from the crowds.

The next dish was something similar to a tempura prawn except it was a scampi. The flesh was crunchy and cooked just right.

Next was a fried white fish with a wasabi creamy sauce on top. The wasabi wasn’t too hot. The fish was done just right. We were surprised with the size of the portion. The girls were half full by the end of this dish.

The other main dish was cow tongue. Ewwe some would say. Yes I say. It brought back memories of my mum’s home cooking – braised in soy sauce – in my kiddies days. For some reason, she doesn’t do them any more. I should find the recipe from her. The pieces were pretty chunky and once again cooked just right.

One of us wasn’t a beef eater and had a fried salmon salad instead.

Next was a sushi ball. The waitress said not to put any soy sauce on it because it was already layered in.

Last was the dessert. Everyone was so full by then.

Well, we figured out why some friends would get their VIP card and come over on a very regular basis. The quality was fantastic and the portions, by the end of the evening were big enough. Birthday people also get a complimentary dish, which is their famous wagyu beef cooked on top of a pink rock salt. I will certainly come back for my birthday. Friends also say their lunch time bento box.

For more information, check out their website.


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