I was practicing sunset and this evening was fantastic.  There were lots of clouds in the sky and I was patient enough to hang around .  I was using a 50mm at the time and this is the result.  It’s 2 rows of about 6 stitched in Photoshop. I wasn’t exactly sure where to expose.  So I took 3 bracketed shots, +1,0 and -1.  And hope that I can see the difference and learn a little more.  Remember some posts ago I said keep taking shots and learn a little every time?  Well, this time I learned that sometimes, the unexposed shot (in this case by 1 stop) can be better.

I think this was right after the sun popped over the horizon and the afterglow just burst right back to the clouds.

The other thing I still haven’t learned is that before going out for shooting, do not drink a can of soft drink, beer or other liquids.  Because when you are busting to go and trying to remember where the nearest public toilet is, it is not a good feeling.

No colour adjustments or anything else in Photoshop, just cropping.


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