The west side of Sydney used to ba a container wharf for the city. The ships and wharves left sometime ago and the land has been left vacant for a number of years now. It has been a spare cruiser terminal for tourist cruise ships. The big international cruisers get to dock at Circular Quay. The smaller local boats stop here on a regular basis.

Some years from now, the whole area will be converted to a mini city.  This is looking North from the bottom of the site.  This part will be filled with commercial and residential buildings.  The buildings will be as tall as the ones you see.  They will all lose their million Dollar views.  The northern part will be converted to parklands.

Sydney has been raining quite regularly since last Spring. This Summer has not been the best. The rain forecast for the April, May and now June has been high chance of rain – every day. So much so that the dams are more than 95% full. And to think that 5 years ago, we were in drought conditions with strict water restrictions. The dams were less than 50% capacity back then.

In some way, this good for photography when the sun pops out for a little while and the clouds make great backgrounds. The following is a view looking South at Darling Harbour and more or less from the same spot.


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