Hare & Grace, Melbourne

We saw this on Anthony Bourdain. He had a special on Melbourne and this was one of his favourites from the episode. We visited it a little while back during the F1 trip. If you go past it, you will see a little beer garden in the front near a bunch of business buildings. And smoke.

Ciggie smoke that is. So it just looks like a bar where after work people hang out. Without a recommendation, we would have continued walking. But the inside is spacious and quite intimate. The tables are not too close and very earthy. They have branches hanging off the roof. The little sides with the peas in a little pot and the butter on a slab of rock made the meal a great curiosity. We had the steak, which was good and the pork belly. The pork belly came out looking like a tiramisu. Both were delicious.

On the way back we went past a 5 star hotel, saw some sculptures and aboriginal paintings. There was also a super car, Audi on display. James Morrison was also playing at the Jazz Bar. It was sold out but the usher let us in for free as it was the last half hour or so and we were treated to some great jazz. James was telling how he lost that trumpet half ball thingy in Germany some time ago and went to a hardware store looking for a toilet plunger. Of course, he only wanted the rubber half without the stick. It was a hilarious story with him telling it trying to explain to a German about what he wanted to buy.


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