Xanthi, Westfield

The eateries at Westfield Centrepoint have a $30 Tuesday meal deal to drum up winter business.  We were hoping to eat at Quarter 21 but they were booked out till late.  So we decided to check out Xanthi instead.

I think the menu was “designed” for 2 people because the entrée and dessert were shared. The first was a pork belly baklava. I also thought this was a syrupy dessert, but guess it works for a savoury dish too.

This also came with the Greek salad. What’s there not to like about a Greek salad? Smooth fetta, salty olives, silky olive oil….. Long time ago I asked my Greek boss which fetta to buy and he said Hungarian. And he was right, just as good but seems to be cheaper. I haven’t found a good Aussie fetta yet (not at a decent price). The Australian fetta seems to be less creamy.

The main was a slow cooked lamb with beans and potatoes. This was juicy, tender and yummy with the squeezed lemon. Although it was a little salty for our liking.

The desert was a baklava ice cream. You know I also thought baklava was a syrupy…… This was vanilla with caramel sauce and pistachios. The caramel was a little too sweet to us. Overall it wasn’t bad. Not quite sure if the deal was fantastic value but we were happy with the whole meal for a weeknight out.


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