Nazimi, Sydney

Nazimi is a small Japanese place opposite to the out bound bus depot at QVB. It’s like a little known place and is busy most nights. Good to go to after gym, or late at work or after Friday drinks. We used to go there not only because of the food but they would also fill up the wine glasses nearly all the way to the rim.

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Grafitti, Newtown

I had a short walk around Newtown and taking pictures of street art. The main road was noisy and busy with cars. A short duck down a side street or two, you will find calmer residential streets. And a fair bit of street art. Click on a picture for a slide show.

Hong Ha Hot Bread, Mascot

We were driving through Mascot and decided to get some Vietnamese pork rolls for lunch.  This is quite a famous local breadshop.  They have been there more than 20 years, maybe even 30.  I used to drive 15 minutes, find parking etc just to have their famous pork roll for lunch.  Back then, they were cheap.  The bread is fresh out of the oven.  They can do so, because of their turnover. During weekdays, they have lines of fieries,tradies and ambos waiting for lunch.  The airport is close by as well, so the workers would flock over as well. During weekends, you get everyone.

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