Hong Ha Hot Bread, Mascot

We were driving through Mascot and decided to get some Vietnamese pork rolls for lunch.  This is quite a famous local breadshop.  They have been there more than 20 years, maybe even 30.  I used to drive 15 minutes, find parking etc just to have their famous pork roll for lunch.  Back then, they were cheap.  The bread is fresh out of the oven.  They can do so, because of their turnover. During weekdays, they have lines of fieries,tradies and ambos waiting for lunch.  The airport is close by as well, so the workers would flock over as well. During weekends, you get everyone.

There’s a Baker’s Delight, a cake shop and another Vietnamnese breadshop few shops up but they don’t get the same business. Makes you wonder why they bother opening up close to this place. There’s an economic theory explaining this. I forgot the actual reasoning behind this but it tells the story of how on a beach, 2 ice shops on either end would just converge right to the middle so they end up next to one another.

The bread is crisp, flaky, crunchy and warm.  That’s their big secret.  And their sauce as well of course – bit of mayo and Vietnamese bread pate.  We got there at 11.30 hoping to beat the lunch crowd but there was already a line 10 minutes long. There’s not many places I go to and wait in line but this is one of them.

People complain about their lack of service, not helpful when you ask for more sauce, or no coriander or what have you. But you don’t go there for any of that. At least the crowds form some sort of a line and you dont have to fight for your turn. As long as you order a basic with no additions or subtractions, you will be out in no time.

In front of us was a family of three. The teenager was reminiscing how 10 years ago, the rolls were only $2.50 each. Nowadays they are $5 each and they still taste good. They ended up getting 14 rolls. I can still remember each of them carrying 2 plastic bags walking back to the car.

We decided to get the chicken roll and the less processed option of the bbq pork.

Would I now drive for 30 minutes, wait in line for 10 for a pork roll? Yes I would.


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