ECQ Bar, Circular Quay

We went to the Opera House for a talk by Michael Pollan. Michael Pollan is a food writer who writes about how we eat. He has written a number of books. He wrote the Omnivore’s Dilemma.

I read this book some years ago and it remains one of my favourite books. I couldn’t put it down and read it within a week or so. It is quite a large book but the stories are absorbing and many of the ideas are still stuck in my mind. Michael has examined the industrial food complex and makes a number of critiques. What I like about his ideas and agenda is that he is not totally one sided or extreme. He is not a total vegetarian and accepts eating meat. His books do not push a particular food fad or weight loss program – just don’t eat too much and more of vegies and fruits. In fact, he is a bit hesitant of people who categorise certain foods or ingredients as evil or good.

He is also quite funny as well:

“Don’t eat cereal that colors your milk.

“Don’t eat meat at an airport.”
“A grandma said: “if you eat white bread, you will soon be dead.”

His simple message is:

Don’t eat too much.
Eat more of vegies and fruits.
If your grandma does not recognise the recipe and best to avoid.
If the label has too many ingredients and numbers, then also best to avoid.

You can check out his website

If you think that book is too big for you, try In Defence of Food.

After the talk, we went to ECQ Bar. It was a quite Tue evening and they were closing by about 9.30pm. We ordered 2 pizzas and some wines. The pizzas were good at that time of the evening. And even better if you go with an AMP employee because they get a nice discount on ordering.


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