Nazimi, Sydney

Nazimi is a small Japanese place opposite to the out bound bus depot at QVB. It’s like a little known place and is busy most nights. Good to go to after gym, or late at work or after Friday drinks. We used to go there not only because of the food but they would also fill up the wine glasses nearly all the way to the rim.

A year ago, we went in, saw a few new pictures on the wall and ordered beer. No go. They were waiting for the liquor license? We then found out there was a change of management. We checked it out again last week. The menu is a little changed. We just wanted a quick and small dinner and ordered a sashimi salad, agadashi tofu and a toothfish dish.

The tofu was as good as it used to be. The salad wasn’t bad. The fish was the surprise. It was probably steamed or braised with some creamy almost milky sauce and then probably very lightly fried or burnt. The flesh was moist and warm – just perfect. This was certainly better than the usual rainbow roll we would order. Unfortunately, they changed the ingredients of the rolls. Fortunately, we got the chance to find this fish.

We didn’t get to find out if they still overfilled the wine but the Asahi was coldly delicious.

This part of town has a number of smaller specialist, independent bricks and mortar bookshops. One of which is Abbey and they had some Star War books in the display.


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