Salad Leaves

I do try to grow vegetables on my balacony.  Saucy Onion is an inspiration.  Unlike her balcony, mine is windswept from the top, the bottom and right across.  It makes it very hard to grow.  At a previous place, an illegal neighbour cat came about, dug up my plants and decided to use my pot as a litter.  Despite photographic evidence, it took strata bout 3 months to acknowledge and finally issue a warning to the owner.

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Thredbo 2012

It was a stange time to go to the snow this year. Sydney, in the tail end of winter got hot for some inexplicable reason and hit a high of 28C during Thursday. It then started to rain and we drove in moderate rain on the Thursday evening. At one stage the rain was quite heavy and for about 1 minute, we were sure we were driving though a hailstorm. Luckily, they were small ones.

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Foot(print) Path

There is a small pedestrian tunnel under the bridge.  It gets used by joggers and tourists alot going from The Rocks to Observatory Hill and the walkway for the bridge.  For some reason, people just decide to stamp their shoe print on the side walls.  There is either an underground footprint society or teenagers taking their rage at their stomping ground. Or perhaps the walls simply haven’t been cleaned in a number of years