CSL Pacific, Barangaroo

This is the Barangaroo site on Western Sydney. It is currently empty and going through constructions. Lots of it. During the weekdays, you may hear the occasional controlled explosions. It is also used as a temporary second cruiser terminal. On this weekend, some mining transportation ship came along.

You can also walk along the shoreline until guard comes along on his golf cart to close the gates.  But this weekend, it was closed off for the boat. I am guessing it was here to take the soil and other debris that’s been excavated over the last 6 months. Or bringing in cement materials and the like. I was having a walk after work checking out the sunset and saw it there. Quickly whipped out the Fuji X100 and tried out the bracketing mode. The Fuji X100 does +/- 1 bracketing. I am not sure if it takes one shot and then manipulates the exposure, or if it takes 3 actual exposures. Judging from the lack of shutter leaf action and the slow SD card write, I am guessing it is the former.

Light was failing, rain was coming in and the wind was strong and chilly. I hand held it and switched to f2.  The auto iso quickly adjusted to ISO 3200.  I bet the guys in the bar were having a sniggle at some idiot standing with one glove there taking shots. I got home, processed the jpegs (I like them straight out of the X100), reimported to Lightroom, did some sharpening and blotted out rain drops on the lens.


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