Salad Leaves

I do try to grow vegetables on my balacony.  Saucy Onion is an inspiration.  Unlike her balcony, mine is windswept from the top, the bottom and right across.  It makes it very hard to grow.  At a previous place, an illegal neighbour cat came about, dug up my plants and decided to use my pot as a litter.  Despite photographic evidence, it took strata bout 3 months to acknowledge and finally issue a warning to the owner.

The only thing I can do is to put plastic boxes as sheaths on the pots.  It does help a bit.  Not very good looking and hopefully, the neighbours won’t complain. It also means I can only grow low plants.  I tried growing some salad leaves during winter as a trial for the coming summer. Every day I would worry giving enough  water and hoping it would get enough sun and the wind wouldn’t blow the pot over with the wind shield acting more like a wind sail as it had done so with some other pots.

This is how it turned out.  Admittedly, I probably did sprinkle too many seeds and they got a little crowded.  I ended up getting about 3 serves from about 2 months of tendering.  Maybe I could have left them for a little longer, but I just couldn’t wait.  I was hoping to leave the smaller ones behind to grow longer.  The winter wind was a little too strong and I ended up digging out all the plants.

Add some tomatoes, cheese,  carrots, simple dressing and you have a fresh salad.  They are so much more juicier when this fresh.  Hopefully the Sping trial will be better.


4 thoughts on “Salad Leaves

  1. I think growing one’s own vegetables make them even more delicious! I’m sure you had a great lunch! Bon appétit!
    I don’t have luck with growing plants and/or vegetables… I’m pretty sure it would work just fine in the heat of Yucatan peninsula but… I don’t think I have the patience.
    All the more in awe at people who do and can!

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