Thredbo 2012

It was a stange time to go to the snow this year. Sydney, in the tail end of winter got hot for some inexplicable reason and hit a high of 28C during Thursday. It then started to rain and we drove in moderate rain on the Thursday evening. At one stage the rain was quite heavy and for about 1 minute, we were sure we were driving though a hailstorm. Luckily, they were small ones.

Friday skiing was hazardous. The wind was howling. The snow was biting . Snow chains were compulsory. Visibility was down to about 10 metres. Up high, it wasn’t quite fun except for the experienced and hardcore.

The next day, the sun came out and it was brilliant weather. Wind was a little lower. It was still chilling where there was no cover but once you got out of it, it was fantastic. One of the locals said this was the best snow in some 10 years for this time of the year. Sunday was just perfect. We stayed on the right side where it was sheltered.

One thing we did learn, from staying at the ski field this time – bring your own booze. The liquor shop had a 50%+ premium on the beers.

Hope the next few years will be as good.


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