Japanese Vending Machines (Beers)

Pictures from our Japan trip some time ago now.  How can you not like Japan. Whenever we get to a new hotel or city in Japan (and we have only been to a few), we just drop our bags, go off to the nearest Lawson’s or 7Eleven, grab about 6 different beers and Japanese chips, come back and watch Japanese TV.

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Opera House Sun Rise

Been getting up early a few mornings now for sunrise shots.  The sky has been very clear.  Perhaps a little for really moody and exciting shots.  But this gives me a bit more time to practice and keep it simple.  At least, the weather has been warm enough.  At about 5.30am, there is more light than I expect.  You can see alot of features.  Apart from the runners, bikers and fishermen, there are late party goers who just want to sit down, have a deep meaningful chat and watch the sunrise.  On the following Saturday, a couple from Cairns flew down to catch the holiday P&O cruise.  They were so excited to watch the sunrise and their boat coming in to the passenger terminal.  Hopefully, this will be the first of a series of sun rise shots.

Balla, The Star

We checked out another fancy place at The Star – Balla – Italian. Before we did, we parked downstairs and they have lots of spots for small cars.

The place is spacious and nicely lit. Not so dark that you can’t read the menu. And a little dark for a bit of moodiness. The wait staff was very friendly and attentive. As for the drinks menu, they hand over a tablet for review.

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Miss Chu, Regent Place

The bottom floor of Regent Place in the Lumiere residence is a barren place for shops.  Literally. Like a horror movie for retail. You set up shop, simply disappear and no one will notice  When it opened, it was empty for a long while.  And then a rather spacious Japanese supermarket/grocery shop opened probably about three years ago now.  I thought it was great. Closer to the city than Chinatown and spacious. Not so cramped with displays and a good selection of goods. I went back to it 3 months after, hoping to actually shop there. And no more. Like it was never there.

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