Ton Ton, Lumiere Building

So Ton Ton has been there for four years. This is inside the posh Lumiere residence opposite to Town Hall.  As part of their anniversary, they have a $2 beer offer.  Simply irresistible.

They serve Japanese ramen and was busy when we were there. There is no enclosure. You simply line up, order and grab a table outside. There is a thorough fare between George St and Clarence so I suppose this is how it gets the traffic. Downstairs is a bar so you get complimentary music. When we were there, it was easy dance music.

How was the beer? For $2, no complaints whatsoever.

We had a simple vegetable ramen and a chicken udon. The broth was a little salty. The portions were a little small. But rent is expensive in this building. There was a real estate agency and a small 1 bedder is about $600,000 (and I think that is without a car spot). Overall, we were satisfied, especially with the cheap beer. But ramen places in Sydney aren’t quite the same as the ones in Japan.


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