Miss Chu, Regent Place

The bottom floor of Regent Place in the Lumiere residence is a barren place for shops.  Literally. Like a horror movie for retail. You set up shop, simply disappear and no one will notice  When it opened, it was empty for a long while.  And then a rather spacious Japanese supermarket/grocery shop opened probably about three years ago now.  I thought it was great. Closer to the city than Chinatown and spacious. Not so cramped with displays and a good selection of goods. I went back to it 3 months after, hoping to actually shop there. And no more. Like it was never there.

This place kept empty until recently. And then Assmebly Bar opened. And now Miss Chu, a Vietnamese eatery. Wow pho, so closer to the heart of the city. Actually, the first time I noticed this place was some delivery guy making their round on their bike on the streets.

It’s a fairly simple eatery. (Look closer at the blackboard and you will see some guy decided to have immature fun with the word Tuck Shop). If you are in a group, you can sit around one of the few iron boards.


To order, simply fill in a card, hand it over and pay.

The pho wasn’t bad. Just a little smallish.

The chicken curry was excellent. The curry was light and almost like a soup you want to chow down. The potatoes were infused. If I come back, this will be the dish to order.

Overall, it is a decent spot if you cannot make all the way out west for pho.  Hopefully they will get a crowd and make this spot happening for retail/food.


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