Balla, The Star

We checked out another fancy place at The Star – Balla – Italian. Before we did, we parked downstairs and they have lots of spots for small cars.

The place is spacious and nicely lit. Not so dark that you can’t read the menu. And a little dark for a bit of moodiness. The wait staff was very friendly and attentive. As for the drinks menu, they hand over a tablet for review.

We couldn’t decide what to go for. The sommelier was patient and informative and found us a very nice bottle of Italian red.

We ordered a number of entrees. They were all good.

They also had a list of boutique Italian Beers. We closed our eyes and picked one and it was a good choice.

The mains came. They were not bad. A little salty perhaps. I had the rabbit. I was hoping it didn’t taste like chicken. The rabbit flesh was quite mushy – not at all what I expected.

In the corner, we spotted a trolley and enquired what the bottles were. Grappa!! The stuff I have read about by Ernest Hemmingway. Must be some manly drinks! Once again we couldn’t decide. The sommelier was friendly enough to let us have a small taste of his suggestion. A little like vodka or spirits but smooth, delicious and a nice kick at the end.

And to top it off, dessert. Overall, it was a good experience. The service was outstanding. The drinks were good. We would like to come back again and try different mains.


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