Pelican Feeding, The Entrance

The Entrance is about 90 minutes north of Sydney.  It is good for a day trip.  It is also an inlet from the sea to the lake, hence the name.  Pelicans are everywhere around this area and at 3.30pm there is a feeding display.  The feeder would give a quick speech about pelicans and start feeding. them.  There was a particular one called “One Wing”.

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Strand Arcade

Strand Arcade is a small (by today’s standard) shopping mall, if you can call it that.  It was built in the 1890’s and was refurbished in the 1980’s or 1990’s.  It has 3 floors with a simple  corridor and 1 row of shops on either side.  You can walk through it in about 3 minutes.  The shops are small.  The ones on the upper levels are about 5m x 5m each.  The ones on the ground floor are even smaller.  It still retains its orignal features of sorts – brightly lacquered dark wood panels and an old tight iron lift that takes forever to go up 3 flights.  Its tenants are mostly boutique fashion and some cafes.  The roof is made of glass so natural light falls right through.  I choose to go through this arcade whenever I can because of these features, even though I am not the sort of clientele for the shops (except for JB Hi Fi which sells cds, dvds and other electronics).  Because of the glass roof, you cannot never be sure of the what sort of lighting it will be.  You just have to leave it to the natural environments – so different to your enclosed modern malls.

I seriously hope it doesn’t get sold.  If it does, the developer will simply keep the outside fascade and build some concrete offices on top of it.

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Home Brew (Microbrew)

Home brew (aka microbrewing in USA) is easier than most people realise, much like bread making. You can, overcomplicate it but I take the easy path. I enjoy the entire process except for the cleaning. The basic kit will set you back about $100-$150. Not much of an investment at all and you will be guaranteed the quality of it will be better than your mass produced tinnies. You do get the occasional hiccup like too gassy – probably too much sugar in the bottling stage, too much head (quite a few batches had heads going for 2 minutes and still wouldn’t stop), exploding bottles (wayyy too much gas), way too alcoholic (once again a little too much sugar) and other mishaps. But don;t let this scare you away.  When it turns out right, it is a great satisfaction. And economical at the same time.

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