Pelican Feeding, The Entrance

The Entrance is about 90 minutes north of Sydney.  It is good for a day trip.  It is also an inlet from the sea to the lake, hence the name.  Pelicans are everywhere around this area and at 3.30pm there is a feeding display.  The feeder would give a quick speech about pelicans and start feeding. them.  There was a particular one called “One Wing”.

Its right wing is either deformed or broken off – a little like Nemo. The feeder would deliberately throw fish at it but it would not take it. Perhaps, it’s been bullied and knows its pecking order.


Pelicans always remind me of a story a friend told me some time ago. She was staying at Airlie Beach. One day she was just strolling along a beach and someone was walking a tiny designer dog. A pelican swooped down, took it in its jaw and flew away with it. She never did find out if the little dog survived….


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