This is such a wonderful herb.  I was using it alot with the lamb shanks back in winter.  For a number of years, it seemed like an exotic herb.  Expensive to buy, almost hard to find.  So 2 years ago, I decided to buy a bay tree.  It is a little one that sits in a pot.  I left it at my parent’s backyard so I could visit and grab as many leaves as I needed – much better than visiting the supermarket and pay $3 for a small bunch and probably 1 week old leaves.

One time I went back and underneath one of the leaves was a big fat butterfly cocoon. I guess they are thick and strong and make a good windbreak. I left that leave alone. Sometimes I go home, snip one off and crush it in my hands just to smell the sweet aroma.

Since then, it is about 1 metre tall and still sitting in the pot. Spring is upon us and new young green leaves are sprouting back for the season. I gave it new nutrients. So much more better than visiting a specialty shop for this herb.

Next on the list is a curry tree. Down the list is a macadamia tree……


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