Johnny Love Bites and Mozzarella

We don’t go to Fratelli much.  It is an expensive place to buy grocery.  But 3 times a year, we do go there for the tomatoes known as Johhny’s

Love Bites.  They are well worth the premium and are such a treat.  So sweet, soft and juicy – nothing you can find at the super market.

To go with the Lovebites, just add some mozarella.  Cut them up into slices and layer with basil leaves.  This time around, we also had some left over cucumber and capsicum.  Then garnish with some good olive oil and pepper.



An esteemed ex Prime Minister once called Australia “the ass end of the world.” What he really meant was we live at the far end of the world.  We took a trip to Bali.  It is about 7 hours by flight from Sydney. So it takes such a long time to travel pretty much anywhere.

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