An esteemed ex Prime Minister once called Australia “the ass end of the world.” What he really meant was we live at the far end of the world.  We took a trip to Bali.  It is about 7 hours by flight from Sydney. So it takes such a long time to travel pretty much anywhere.

bali (1 of 17)

For the first five hours we were still over land – desserts and grounds being dug up for minerals.
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Once we were over water, the 2 hours to the destination felt quick. Bali is a small island of Indonesia, now known as a tourist destination. In Bali, it is common to stay in villas rather than hotels and the villa concept is great. They are walledoff spaces with a little building from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms and a little garden.  Many of them have a small swimming pool as well. We had a 3 bedroom villa in the quiet end of Seminyak. The pool was about 9m in length. Just long enough for laps and no need to fight other guests.


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