Rubber Ducky in a big tub

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This is the Sydney summer I remember. It’s been missed for a number of years. The last few summers were quite disappointing. Short pockets of warm days but mostly overcast and often wet days. The nice hot days fell on a weekday rather than a weekend. Many beach and swimming days were missed.

The 2012 Christmas day was a wet one in a long time. But since New Year, it has been hot and fantastic.

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Bali Traffic

The first impression of Bali is the traffic.  Tourism has done a lot to Bali.  One unfortunate side effect is the amount of traffic, partly due to the road planning so many years ago with no expectation of this sort of movement.  Most roads are wide enough for 2 lanes, one up and one down.  Scooters (lots) and cars (smaller sedans) were everywhere vying for a way through the streets.  You won’t find big trucks or SUVs.  The roads are not big enough for them.

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