Rubber Ducky in a big tub

“>2013 r duck

This is the Sydney summer I remember. It’s been missed for a number of years. The last few summers were quite disappointing. Short pockets of warm days but mostly overcast and often wet days. The nice hot days fell on a weekday rather than a weekend. Many beach and swimming days were missed.

The 2012 Christmas day was a wet one in a long time. But since New Year, it has been hot and fantastic.

This weekend, Sydney hit about 30 degrees. Western Sydney tends to get warmer because it is away from the coast and is blocked by the mountain ranges. The topography of the area (and I think many areas are in a flood plain of sorts) means it traps the hot air. They were getting close to 40 degrees. Which, I suppose is not unusual.

Apparently, Sydney is currently having the better time than the rest of the continent. Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and pretty much the rest of Australia are having a heat wave and total fire ban. Tasmania is having some dreadful and catastrophic bush fires where many homes are burnt down and luckily so far no loss of live.

Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck made it to the Sydney Festival this year. And what a great piece!! Barring any major loss of property and lives, wishing this summer to be as fun as this ducky.

2013 r duck 2<a


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