Warung Made, Bali and lens acclimitisation

2012 12 Bali d1 x100-304

This is a famous eatery in Bali. We went along for the local dishes but it caters for every taste from steaks to pasta to udon. It is well known enough for most tourists to visit.

I thought I had a mishap after we sat down.  The camera came from the airconditioned villa right into the tropical heat with a strom brewing in the air.  When I took the lens cap off, there was just water condensation all over.  I wiped and wiped and the lens kept on fogging up.  I opened the lens and the sensor was condensed as well.  I felt dejected and thought I had damaged either my camera or sensor.  After putting it away for 15 minutes the fogginess disappeared and the camera was back to normal.  It was only after I got back to Sydney that a friend said you are meant to acclimatise the lens in humid weather like that.  He suggested to leave the lens in the open ïn a plastic bag so the humidity does not affect the fogging so much.

Here is a link relating to lenses in humidity:


After the fogging cleared we ordered local dishes.  A Balinese duck and crabs in a Balinese curry.  They promised the crab would be about 1 kg.  All this with the rice fed 3 all us.  The duck was of a smaller breed and the meat was tender.  I was hoping for the crab to be meaty like a mudcrab but guess the local crabs are also of a smaller breed – similar to Blue Swimmer Crabs in Sydney.  Both dishes were good and filling.  The crab was a bit fiddly to eat because of the small size.

The restaurant was huge, in the open with fans going fast.  You could certainly feel the tropical humidity.  In the middle of the place was a dance floor with a band.  The band pumped out some cool jazz songs and then some dancers came out dancing salsa to entertain every one.

This was certainly a nice place to go to.

2012 1212 Bali D1 5d-17 2012 12 Bali d1 x100-309 2012 12 Bali d1 x100-294 2012 12 Bali d1 x100-289

2012 1212 Bali D1 5d-30


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