Fruits, Bali

On the highway going north, there is a strech of road with lots of fruit stores on the side.


In many other cities, we would buy different kinds of local beers from the super market on the first day of arrival. This time we bought fruits, fruits and fruits. Mangosteins, tropical mangoes, the kind we don’t get back home (not as large but the fragrance┬áis fantastic), pomelos, passionfruits, dragon fruits and many others I had not eaten. I had so much that I ended up with the dreaded Bali Belly. An experience I do not wish on anyone nor will I go into details. However, my brother suggested drinking beer as an antidote – because it causes constipation!!

I would have had lots more if I didn’t have 2 straight days of car touring. We had to restrain ourselves from over buying when we were at the fruit stalls.










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