Haymarket (1)

In Chinatown, there is a big block of warehouse type building know as Haymarket, aka Paddy’s market. It’s now been developed with a large residential building on top. The bottom still retains the market environment. One end has flea market, where you can buy cheap goods of all sorts.

At the other end is the grocery market. Prices are much cheaper than supermarkets but you do have to be more careful as many of the goods are nearing the end of their shelf life. Nonetheless we shop there when we can.

It can get crowded, with shoppers pushing about with their trolleys, or workers trying to push through with their even bigger trolleys. Parking can also be a problem. We try to skip sleeping in and get there early to avoid both.

This day, was Chinese New Year Eve, hence the decorations. Prices were also much higher. Coriander bunches were at 100% more expensive than normal – which is to say similar to supermarket prices. Green vegetables were about 20% more expensive. The merchants were blaming the recent rain. We found that hard to believe and thought it was more like holiday gouging. We just bought half of what we normally get. Hopefully next week will be back to normal.

Haymarket (2)

Giant fan to keep the air circulating.

Haymarket (3)


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