Oka, Bali


This could have been a tourist trap. It is basically an outlet for local spices, chocolates and the like, but I found it charming because we were given to a treat.

The front of it has a little rain forest of various fruit trees, spices and other exotic plants. The day was warm, but in the little forest, there was moisture and deep jungle green foliage everywhere.

Cocoa plant.


They also have coffee bean plants. A funny thing is happening with this commodity. There’s generally 2 major varieties, arabia and robusta. Arabia is the pricier grade. In the last 6 months though, the price of arabia has dropped whilst the price of robusta has increased. Reason? Major suppliers of coffee brands have been switching from arabia to robusta due to cost cutting. So if you find your coffee is tasting a little different, it is economics at play  (regretably, this is also happening with the beer market).

It reminds me when Costco opened and I gladly bought a carton of Pringles in the small cans. I was disappointed to open the cans and found that they were only about half full. Same size can, but less to eat – cost cutting by subterfuge!

Ginseng plant.



Not sure what this is but sure is good looking.


The famous luwark. They eat the coffee beans and excrete them some time later and you would, of course, brew the coffee with the beans. Apparently, they were as much as 100 pounds a cup in Britain when they became famous. I think you can buy them for about $20 a cup in Melbourne nowadays.






We spent a good 10-15 minutes just enjoying the plants and taking photos. It was like visiting a botanical garden.  After that, we sat down on a cliff face overlooking the deep jungle. We were given some complimentary brews to try. Lemon grass infused. Ginger infused. Chocolate and coffee. The luwark coffee was $5 a cup. This was such a treat especially when they forgot to charge for the luwark coffee.

I am not a coffee drinker and found the luwark coffee to be smooth and easily drinkable. It reminded me of caramel. Not as strong or pungent as I anticipated. Not sure if I would pay so much for it again. I guess I will stick to nice red wines. The favourite was the ginger and lemon grass infused tea.



After the tasting, we went to the shop and bought our various gifts.






They also sell spices and had roasting nuts on display.







7 thoughts on “Oka, Bali

    • It’s a fantastic holiday destination. Would you like details of the day tour driver I used? He has a 7 seater SUV. All day tour, takes you where you want to go, all petrol paid for. Charges about USD$50 for all this. Amazing value.

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