Michael Weening: a few pictures


I am far from an expert on Japan, but I have heard a few different opinions that I thought I would share as the Japanese “teach” me their ways. These folks know sushi:

  • When you break apart chopsticks, you should slide them together as if you are smoothing them – everyone does it. Wrong. It is considered rude and a North American phenomenon.
  • UPDATE: (Thanks Brent, totally forgot this one) The proper way to eat sushi is with your fingers. NOT with chopsticks. I still remember quizzing my host on this one; “is this only done in casual situations?” (no)  “Are you doing this as a joke on a gaijin” (no)  “Do you do this frequently?” (yes). No chopsticks is the “proper” way to eat sushi.
  • Never put wasabi in your soya sauce. Wrong. I have seen lots of Japanese do it.
  • Dip your sushi in the soya sauce…

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