Chef’s Gallery

This is in the Lumiere Building on Bathurst St opposite to Town Hall.  It’s kinda a favourite.  There is usually a line.  And there is a good reason why.  Because it has good quality food.

chefs gallery-5

We are normally deterred by the line so booked this time for a 6.30pm dinner. After a while, there was a line outside, but we noticed quite a few empty tables on the inside area where we were seated. Perhaps it is a marketing ploy.

We like it because of the modern atmosphere and the quality of the food is good. For singles and couples, you can choose,if available, to sit in front of the kitchen and watch the chefs make their dumplings and cook behind glass.

The only downside is that prices can be a little expensive and servings can be small. And yet we still come back.

We usually order the fried rice because they have a few versions.

chefs gallery-2

We are always so tempted to order the special dessert. Looks likes a Gibhli cartoon.

chefs gallery

Scallop with home made XO sauce. A little salty on its own. And that is why you have it with beer and/rice

chefs gallery-4

Spinach with 3 different eggs. Preserved duck egg, normal egg and salted chicken egg. Doesn’t look appetising but once you mash it up and add some rice, it is delicious.

chefs gallery-3

Sticky rice with chicken fillets and Chinese sausage. It takes a while to cook. This is good as well, but you do need to water down the slight saltiness with beer or tea or water. The bottom is also extra padded with the leaves, giving an illusion of a bigger dish….

chefs gallery-6

chefs gallery-7

Despite the smaller portions and slightly higher prices, we do like to come back from time to time.


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