Le Pain au Quotidien

They used to have a cafe on Faveaux St, Surry Hills. It didn’t last very long and was replaced by 4Forteen. Which is a real shame because we used to go there all the time for their bread. Fantastic bread and the next day, the bread would remain soft and elastic. Just as well they have a branch in Westfield in the city as well at Bondi Junction.


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Kobe Jones, Teppanyaki

I remember back in the 90’s, teppanyaki was a bit of a novelty. Back then, it was very much theatrical with the chefs throwing eggs at you with a bowl on your lap. Much fun and occasionally messy. That trend lasted a few years. Over the years, Japanese food has had some sort of ascendency around the world. Back 15 to 20 years ago, only very few non-Japanese people would eat raw fish!!!! And on top of that you add hot wasabi (or horseradish pretending to be wasabi) with a dash of soy. Nowadays, Japanese is very much in style. Just last year, I remember seeing an article in the New York Times food section about making sushi fun with kids.

Teppanyaki is now more refined and subdued.  Kobe Jones (this one is the King St Wharf branch) has added a teppanyaki section and for lunch (I think Sunday as well), you will only have to pay $10 for a quick meal.

Kobe Jones

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Maritime Museum

The Maritime museum is at Darling Harbour and has a steel roof. During the month of February, the roof was turned into a movie screen. Every night, there would be a short animation showing the waves of immigrants to Australia.

Cafe Sydney

It is always a great pleasure to visit Cafe Sydney, perched on top of Customs House in Circular Quay.  Sometimes for drinks, sometimes for food.  One time we visited, we had tempura olives.  We stole the idea and it was a crowd pleaser at our own parties.  Just dip some spanish olives in tempura batter, fry and enjoy with beer or a nice red.

cafe sydney

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