Cafe Sydney

It is always a great pleasure to visit Cafe Sydney, perched on top of Customs House in Circular Quay.  Sometimes for drinks, sometimes for food.  One time we visited, we had tempura olives.  We stole the idea and it was a crowd pleaser at our own parties.  Just dip some spanish olives in tempura batter, fry and enjoy with beer or a nice red.

cafe sydney

As you can see, there is an outside seating area with a spectacular view of the bridge and the opera house. It gets a bit windy here even with the glass barrier. During the cooler months, they supply blankets so you can keep your legs warm. We booked for the 6.30pm session for a quick dinner and were sort of shunted to the side. Not quite the best seats but still quiet enough at that time to enjoy the sunset. The only complaint was when the boat was leaving, it hooted VERY LOUDLY, THREE AND A HALF TIMES.

The duck was simply superb. All flavour and cooked perfectly.

cafe sydney-2

The crackling pork was…. good but it was more of a collage of different things. There was a lump of pork, which was cooked well. Some black pudding, I think, and no complaints there either. Three bites of the pork (one of which I had to share) and that was it. The dish was filling but I was hoping for more. For a good crackling, I would recommend Bavarian Cafe or Lowenbrau.

cafe sydney-3

Glass of Sangria. A bit more punch would make it a happy evening.

cafe sydney-4

Peanut butter dessert. Fantastic. It was yummy. Although we were expecting a bit more peanut butter flavouring.

cafe sydney-5

We sound a teensy disappointed but we would still return.

All pictures taken with x100.


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