Kings Cross Panorama

This was an exercise in a number of things. We were walking towards Darlinghurst for a night out and on the way saw the sunset. I quickly took 4 portrait shots with the X100, handheld f8 at 1/125 just to see how it would come out.

2013 03 XCross noise reduced

It was stitched in Photoshop and exported back to Lightroom 4 for various things, such as add vibrancy, saturation sharpening etc. I have read a fair bit about Nik’s software tonal contrast and detail enhancer adjustments and applied them just to see what how they would turn out. Up till now, I thought you could do a lot with Lightroom and this tells me I should try out Nik’s software a bit more as well.

As can be seen, the sunset is quite burnt out, but not much you can do with 1 exposure.

The bottom part of the RAW file was quite dark. I opened up the shadows just to see how much detail I could get back from the X100 file.



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