Kobe Jones, Teppanyaki

I remember back in the 90’s, teppanyaki was a bit of a novelty. Back then, it was very much theatrical with the chefs throwing eggs at you with a bowl on your lap. Much fun and occasionally messy. That trend lasted a few years. Over the years, Japanese food has had some sort of ascendency around the world. Back 15 to 20 years ago, only very few non-Japanese people would eat raw fish!!!! And on top of that you add hot wasabi (or horseradish pretending to be wasabi) with a dash of soy. Nowadays, Japanese is very much in style. Just last year, I remember seeing an article in the New York Times food section about making sushi fun with kids.

Teppanyaki is now more refined and subdued.  Kobe Jones (this one is the King St Wharf branch) has added a teppanyaki section and for lunch (I think Sunday as well), you will only have to pay $10 for a quick meal.

Kobe Jones

Do be warned. It wasn’t quite quick. The session was about 1.5 hours. So don’t expect to be in the office soon.  We had the $10 special.  For that you get a main and a simple side.  And well worth the value.  Table next to us had the express lunch.  $29 for a nice chunk of tenderloin – great bargain. At one stage, alcohol was poured onto the steak and the flame shot right up.

At this side of the place they have set up a teppanyaki section.  The stoves are specially transported from Japan and you get 1 chef cooking the food in front of you during the lunch hour.  He had to cook about 3 different dishes for 8 people when we went.  3 of the chicken burgers, 3 fish, 2 of the beef tenderloin.  This is the reason for the slowness but you just have watch and envy his skill of juggling all of this cooking to make sure the dishes come out at the right time and cooked nicely.  One stove was set for the chicken burger, one for the fish and so on.  It’s almost like playing one of the chef games on facebook.

The sides came as an entrée.

Kobe Jones-3 Kobe Jones-2

The fish looks sparse but it was done just right and for most people the portion is about right.

Kobe Jones-5

The chicken burger was filling, cooked perfectly and simply yummy. The portion of the fillet was certainly large enough and by dinner time, I only wanted half portion. The flesh was moist and topped off with the delicious Japanese mayo.

Kobe Jones-6

And to top it off, beers for $5. Too bad it was a workday.

Kobe Jones-7

My beer was a little warm. I could have complained but a glass of ice and water chilled it in no time.

Conclusion: Fantastic value. Great food. I simply cannot wait to go back for the wagyu sandwich or the express lunch


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