Le Pain au Quotidien

They used to have a cafe on Faveaux St, Surry Hills. It didn’t last very long and was replaced by 4Forteen. Which is a real shame because we used to go there all the time for their bread. Fantastic bread and the next day, the bread would remain soft and elastic. Just as well they have a branch in Westfield in the city as well at Bondi Junction.


I had the bread basket. This would have been a great dish if all the bread came out freshly baked. But that would be asking too much. Nonetheless, the variety was fantastic. The spread was yummy. If you are not happy with these spreads, you can always go for their European Nutella type chocolate spread or jam. They are complimentary and on every table. There was simply too much. Enough for 2 really. Or takeaway.


Belgian style hot chocolate. Mix it any way you want.


This is the salmon fritatta. A little salty and compared to the bread basket, it looks…. peckish..


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