Street Snack – Beans, Taiwan

beans-2Street snacks everywhere. There is no point eating full at a restaurant.

We bought these beans, native to Taiwan. Not sure of the name but they are like huge broad beans. We paid a premium for the bag of the beans – the shells are cut so you can open them easier. They are great eating in a train trip, or with a beer watching a local variety show on TV or the beautiful Janet Hsieh on reruns of Fun Taiwan on the lifestyle channel.

” title=”Fun Taiwan” target=”_blank”>

We kept on buying from this vendor and bumped into her around the streets of Ximending all the time. At 10 in the morning, at 10 at night. On Sunday and Monday. On our last day, we made a last purchase and asked her when she has time off.


She says she works Monday to Sunday and “has to.”….. Unfortunately, we did not find out the reason for the hard work and wishes her the best.


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