Truffle Hunt, Tarago

Canberra, the capital of Australia, about 275km away from Sydney, is
notorious for its cold nights, even during summer. In addition, it gets as many as 10 times the frosty mornings as Tasmania. This makes it a good region for truffle growing and a few good wineries.

truffle hunt-1

We attended a truffle hunt with Turalla Truffle ( ) on a wet Saturday. Their farm was a little to wet to attend and we went to one of their acquaintance’s farm at Tarago, run by Denzel. Denzel has been a farmer for more than 60 years.

truffle hunt-12

All these years, we see the exit sign for Tarago on the way to Canberra and have been calling it Ta – Rar – Go as in the Toyota MPV. But the locals call it Te – re – go.

The truffle section of the farm was fenced off and quarantined. Before entering our boots were cleaned with a chloride solution. The week had been raining so we brought along snow boots, gum boots, snow jackets etc, including a plastic bag wrapped around the camera lens to keep the light drizzle out.

truffle hunt-13

Denzel’s dogs were rescued from the pound when they were 6 months old and they love to hunt even in the rain.

truffle hunt-14

The dogs can smell them out and then you have to be on your knees to dig out the truffle and smell them to ensure they are mature. The first one smelled of beetroot.

truffle hunt-22

truffle hunt-49

The second one smelled of peanut.

truffle hunt-53

The dog getting a high five for the good work.

truffle hunt-65

The third truffle smelled of wasabi of all things.

truffle hunt-83

truffle hunt-86

truffle hunt-128

After the hunt, we were treated to some truffle infused vodka. This brought the warmth back.

truffle hunt-184

We were also treated to some delicious home cooked cauliflower soup with generous portions of truffle.

truffle hunt-198

truffle hunt-202

By lunch time, we visited the vineyard at Lark Hill and their restaurant.

truffle hunt-129

truffle hunt-130

truffle hunt-127

Scrambled eggs on toast with truffle.

truffle hunt-255

For some reason, the mains came out very late and after some complaint. It happened to 2 other tables as well. Our mains were mushroom risotto and sous vide lamb loin. The mushrooms complimented with more truffles. The lamb was perfectly cooked.

truffle hunt-274

truffle hunt-275

As a consolation, we were provided complimentary dessert wine from the vineyard. This definitely made up for the disappointing delay and the crème brulee was fantastic.

truffle hunt-276

Canberra was only about 40 minutes away so we ducked in to see the Turner exhibition at the National Art Gallery.


5 thoughts on “Truffle Hunt, Tarago

    • Why the different smells for truffle? beetroot, peanut and wasabi??? i don;t know how my smell like – i had some a couple of nights ago with soup too. I love the texture.

      • It’s strange. When fresh out of the ground, the smells are earthy and like wine, you can make different smells and that’s what I smelled with the three samples.

      • Wow, it must be thrilling experience and to be able to detect those smells makes you “the nose”, lol… Wish I’ll have a chance some time in future to go on a truffle hunt like you 😀

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