Mazhu Temple, Taichung

This is a temple outside of Taichung, about 30 minute drive from the city.  It is quite a popular local temple.  We went there on a weekday and it was quite busy during the lunch hour.  It must be packed during the weekends and festivals.




Click on the picture for a better view.


It is not a big temple and is well over 200 hundred years old. You can probably walk around it in 10 minutes. The temple is very ornate. We were not there for long enough to take many photographs.

At each corner of the building, there are little open rooms for different kind of worships. This particular one below is the worship corner for academic achievement, which is probably the reason for the little kid about to give thanks.



temple-279 temple-287 temple-355

Below the building is a museum. And there is also a golden statue of Buddha – all 120kg of weighty gold. The description says the gold was bought from the donations over the number years from pilgrims. No photos were allowed though.



4 thoughts on “Mazhu Temple, Taichung

  1. I really like the lighting in the picture of the woman at the table with the man at the center. The sun light and smoke make it very dramatic. It would be great to see this as a very large photo.

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