Vivid, Darling Harbour

This year’s Vivid also expanded to Darling Harbour to include a light/water and fireworks show. Above Darling Harbour is a freeway leading to the Harbour Bridge with a foot path. I had planned to try this spot for fireworks and this looked like a good opportunity.

I knew that it was going to be busy so got there early to claim my spot.


Darling Harbour only gets this crowded at New Year’s Eve and the light show was on every hour. On the footpath there is three foot concrete barrier for the freeway. People would stand on this barrier and the rangers were having a hard time telling people to get off.

The rangers wanted to clear everyone from the side rail for safety reasons in the following photo. Every time they moved a group of three away, other groups of two or three would bunch up. It was a neverending task for them.


I ended up setting up the camera for portrait for the hopeful fireworks. Unfortunately the fireworks did not happen – wrong session!! We were at the wrong show and I was in the wrong position to adjust for the watershow. This is the best shot I got of the show:


As a consolation, we were able to get free drinks from the Citibank VIP area. We had to leave after this because of a dinner appointment and missed the subsequent fireworks show.



2 thoughts on “Vivid, Darling Harbour

  1. Such crowd! The photos were vivid indeed but sorry you missed (or were in the wrong spot) the fireworks. Is that you in the last pic or a random fellow photog?

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